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10.28.2016 Navarch Oath-Taking Rally before Double 11 Tmall Global Shopping Festival

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Reminiscence of Navarchs parade for 2015s Double 11 is still beckoning, while Navarchs Double 11 for 2016 is soon to set off.

Navarchans, are you ready?

We! Are! Ready!


The most anticipated part of the rally would be our CEOs annual speech. We expected that would be as exciting as usual. While hes on stage, he calmly told us two stories.

The first one is that newly-wed Huiping gave up her honey moon and returned to work three days after her wedding for the Double 11 battle.

The second one is that Mr. President came to know a former employee need financial aid for medical reasons. Mr. President then informed the HR Department. In a couple of days, Navarch fellows raised over RMB20,000, and Navarch as a company donated generously as well.

Mr. President said almost sobbingly: I am grateful to my dear Navarchans; its you that show me the greatness of humanity. I promise, if you are once a part of Navarch family, maybe as short as only one day, Navarch and I will always be your strong support. No matter what difficulties, I will help you and go through it with you."

Its our leader who shows us:

Navarchans every battle is a blessing, for our beloved pets; the achievement in business cannot compare to the happiness of bringing health to them and their return of loyalty and trust.

We believe in life and respect each creature.

The foundation of pet industry lies in love and mission, compassion, and action.


After the rally, we had the themed party with walking on the red carpet, buffet and talent shows.

This year, our theme for Double 11 is: if you are single, then we send you dog food.

We are waiting for you to join us! Do not hesitate to visit our website at:

Navarch Tmall Flagship Store

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