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Navarch®has been providing high quality, healthy, and nutritious food for dogs and cats since its inception in 2007. Our goal is to bring the very best quality products and services to our customers at a great value. We strive to bring pleasure and satisfaction to millions of customers and their beloved pets on each and every day.


Navarch®has a vision to become a top pet nutrition provider through 10 years of countless effort. The results of this vision are obvious. Despite constant challenges, Navarch®remains on the cutting edge of pet nutrition and we’ve created specialized dog and cat food diets that are tailored to each breed.

Navarch® breed-specific pet food has been specifically designed to meet the unique needs of unique breed. Based on the difference of each breed, their physiological feature, eating habit, nutritional needs and various tastes, Navarch® breed-specific offers tailor-made nutrition, tasty and appealing to each pet’s taste buds.