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Yousheng® dog food offers premium grain free food. Natural, grain free, low sensitivity formula has been favored among millions of pets and trusted by their owners. Yousheng® premium food ensures its quality, high nutritional standards and taste so that pet owners can give their beloved pets a thoughtful and well-round care.


Dr. Salvatore is an animal nutritionist who has been our consultant. When he studied canine eating habits and their digestive system, he noted that soybeans, wheat, corn and other grains can lead to chronic allergies in dogs.


Then he found that these grains will not only lead to chronical allergies but also other discomfort. Cereals contain large amounts of carbohydrates can be absorbed into the human intestinal tract. But the dog's intestinal tract is relatively simple and it can not digest these grains which must pass through the pancreas to digest. So that it will cause damage to the digestive system and cause a variety of digestive symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting and other symptoms. Carbohydrates with a large number of sugar can easily lead to diabetes and obesity. He began to search for the most suitable dog food after careful screening of raw materials. Meanwhile, he conducted a large number of experiments and found thatthe number of dogs that has allergies and diabetes differs greatly comparing the ones are feeding meat-based dog food with vegetables and fruits as supplements and the ones are feeding on grain-containing food.  Interestingly, Dr. Salvatore had not named the product yet and he need a name which describes pure and natural. Dr. Salvatore's daughter, Emi, is a backpacker, and when she learned that her father had being bothered by this matter, she smiled and said, " Yosemite National Forest Park has streams and valleys are extremely pure and natural.” 

As a result, the natural grain-free brand Yousheng® was born.