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Sanidiet® has been providing excellent quality nutrition and taste of pet food favored by pet owners who love and trust a well-known brands since its inception. Over the years, Sanidiet® ensures to bring high-quality products that are delicious and nutritious to help our beloved pets stay fit, healthy and happy.


Sanidiet® was born in 2009 in Shanghai. With continuous effort it has now become a national brands. Throughout the country, Sanidiet® has been regarded as professional, nutritious, and high quality pet food which is delicious.


Sanidiet® series contain a special formula for healthy coat, vision, intestinal environment and for strengthened immunity and strong joint.

Becoming a reliable friend of your beloved pets, bringing happiness and satisfaction to their entire life is the motivation of Sanidiet®team. With the support of our technology and R & D team, we are proud to know that our pets stay will fit, healthy and happy after 5 or 10 years.